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Commercial Equine Liability
Do you give riding lessons or board, breed, race or train horses?

If you perform any of these activities on rented or owned premises, you need a Commercial Equine Liability policy, even if you have other coverage that protects you for general liability exposures.  This coverage is designed specifically for all types of horse-related businesses, such as: boarding, breeding, racing, training, riding instruction, horse sales, horse shows, clinics, personal/pleasure horses and team roping/penning practices.  We also have coverage for independent horse trainers and riding instructors.

Coverage Highlights
- Liability limits of $300,000 to $1million are available for Bodily Injury and Property Damage
- General Liability Aggregate limits are 3 times the liability per occurrence limit
- Commercial general liability coverage applies on and off premises in the U.S, Canada, 
  and U.S. territories
- Fire Legal liability up to $100,000 at no charge (in most states)
- Medical payments up to $5,000
- Limited professional liability coverage for trainers, riding instructors and clinicians
- Personal/Advertising Injury included
- Products/completed operations included
- No liability deductible
- Defense cost paid in excess of policy limit
- Limited Athletic Participants coverage included

Optional Coverages
Care, Custody and Control – a “must” if you care for someone else’s horse 

Excess or Umbrella Liability (with limits up to $10 million) 

International Liability – covers horses taken outside the continental U.S. to specified countries for shows, exhibitions, etc.


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