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An Unexpected Death

A horse owner kept his horse at a boarding facility. The vet came out and wormed the horse in the afternoon and pinned a note on the stall door. But, the note was blown off the door.

That evening, the owner of the horse came to ride; it was a hot and humid night. After riding, the horse was cooled down and put in his stall. A few hours later, a barn worker heard banging in one of the stalls and found the horse rolling and sweating; classic signs of colic.

The vet was called and diagnosed a bout of exercise induced colic, partly due to the worming that had previously been performed. After several hours of treatment, the horse did not improve and it was suggested that they ship it immediately to a surgical facility. Sadly, the horse died before they were able to make all the arrangements.

To ensure that your horse is covered in case an unexpected or accidental death occurs, Markel provides a mortality policy.


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