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10-13      USEF Convention                                              John Seger
              (Louisville, KY)

12-Feb 4 Fort Worth Stock Show (QH & Paint)                  Doug Landreth
              (Fort Worth, TX)

14-15      USDF Trainers' Conference with Jan Brink           Mary Phelps
              (High Meadow Farm-Loxahatchee, FL)

24-28      Dude Ranch Association Convention                   Noreen Burns & Maureen Gray
              (Cody, WY)

26-28      Gold Coast Festival Opener                               John Seger
              (Loxahatchee, FL)

25-Feb.3  Arizona Sun Country Circuit                              Doug Landreth, Debbie Kail, 
              (Westworld-Scottsdale, AZ)                               Ryan Kail


3-5         LA Winter Dressage                                          John Seger
             (Los Angeles Equestrian Ctr-Los Angeles, CA)

3-4         Welcome Back to White Fences I                      Mary Phelps
             (Loxahatchee, FL)

8-11        Cosequin Wellington Dressage                          Mary Phelps
              (Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club-Wellington, FL)

14-17      NRHA Convention                                             Pat & Jackie Mullins
              (St. Louis, MO)

15-18      Dixie Nationals                                                 Ted Grose

16-25      Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show                         Harold Straus & Mary Ann Kean
              (Westworld-Scottsdale, AZ)

17-18      Welcome Back to White Fences II                     Mary Phelps
              (Loxahatchee, FL)

17-18      Gold Coast Revisited                                         Mary Phelps
              (West Palm Beach, FL)

17-25       National Reined Cow Horse Assoc. World          Doug Landreth
               (Stephenville, TX)

22-25       Zada Enterprises, LLC-Florida Dressage Classic Mary Phelps
               (Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club-Wellington, FL)

27-Mar.3 American Farrier Association Show                    Pat Mullins
              (Albuquerque, NM)


1-4         Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDI***/CDIY           Mary Phelps
             (Loxahatchee, FL)

2-4          Mid Winter Dressage                                        John Seger
              (Burbank, CA)

2-6          AQHA Convention                                             Don Faison, Debbie Kail,
              (Houston, TX)                                                    Doug Landreth

9-11        4th Annual Wellington Young Rider Clinic           Mary Phelps
              (Wellington, FL)

10-11       Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge II           Mary Phelps
               (Jim Brandon Equestrian Ctr-West Palm Beach, FL)

13-18       Silverdollar Circuit                                             Doug Landreth
               (South Point Equest. Ctr-Reno, NV)

17-18       Welcome Back to White Fences III                    Mary Phelps
               (Loxahatchee, FL)

22-25       WEF Dressage Classic                                     John Seger, Lisa Seger,
               (Wellington, FL)                                                Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

22-25       Walking Horse Trainers Show                            Bill Carrington
               (Shelbyville, TN)

26-29       National Rope Horse Futurity Assoc.                  Doug Landreth
               (Stephenville, TX)

23-24       Morgan Ranch Quarter Show                             Trina McCarroll
               (Ardmore, OK)

28-Apr.1  Oklahoma Spring Show                                     Trina McCarroll
               (Oklahoma City, OK)

29-Apr 1   CDI - Festival of the Horse                                 John Seger
               (Los Angeles, CA)

30-Apr 1   Dressage at Equestrian Estates, USET, YR       Mary Phelps
               (Loxahatchee, FL)


9-15       East Coast Amatuer Championship QH               Doug Landreth
             (Lexington, VA)

14-15      Tattersalls Saddle Horse Sale                            Bill Carrington
              (Lexington, KY)

14-15      Horse Show Ventures Hunter/Jumper Show        Lisa Seger & Brandon Seger
              (Alpharetta, GA)

14-15      Gold Coast Grand Finale                                   Mary Phelps
              (Jim Brandon Equestrian Ctr-West Palm Beach, FL)

18-22      FEI World Cup Dressage Final                           John Seger, Lisa Seger, 
              (Las Vegas, NV)                                               Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

19-22      UPHA Chapter 14 Horse Show                          Bill Carrington
              (West Springfield, MA)

20-21      Morgan Ranch Quarter Show                             Trina McCarroll
              (Ardmore, OK)

20-22      Arabian Breeders World Cup                             Harold Straus & Mary Ann Kean
              (Las Vegas, NV)

22-24      National Dressage Symposium                          John Seger
              (Kentucky Horse Park)

25-29      Rolex 3-Day Event                                            John Seger, Lisa Seger,
              (Kentucky Horse Park-Lexington, KY)                Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

28-29      Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge III           Mary Phelps
              (Jim Brandon Equestrian Ctr-West Palm Beach, FL)

28-29      OAQHA Spring Open/Novice Show                     Trina McCarroll
              (Chickasha, OK)


3-6          AQHA Region 8 Experience                              Doug Landreth & Trina McCarroll
              (Tulsa, OK)

5-6          Maine Event Spring Event                                 Bill Carrington
              (Portland, ME)

10-13       UPHA Chapter 5 Horse Show                           Bill Carrington
               (Columbia, MO)

10-12      DG Bar Dressage                                             John Seger
              (Hanford, CA)

11-13      Dressage at Sandhills                                      John Seger, Lisa Seger &
              (Pinehurst, NC)                                                Brandon Seger

16-21      NRHA Derby & Sale                                         Mary Ann Kean, Frank & Susan
              (Oklahoma City, OK)                                        Costantini

17-20      Vermont Morgan Horse Show                            Bill Carrington
              (West Springfield, MA)

17-20      AQHA Region 10 Experience                             Doug Landreth
              (Clemson, SC)

18          Woodside Spring Dressage                               John Seger
              (Woodside, CA)

19-20      Dressage at Lamplight-Spring Opener                Mary Phelps

24-27      KDA Breeders Classic-Spring Warm-Up             Mary Phelps
              21st Annual Dressage Show
              (Kentucky Horse Park-Lexington, KY)

24-27      Southern States Regional Morgan Show             Bill Carrington
              (Raleigh, NC)

25-27      Dressage at Flintridge                                       John Seger & Mary Phelps
              (La Canada, CA)

26-27      GDCTA Dressage Spring Show                          John Seger, Lisa Seger &
              (Braselton, GA)                                                 Brandon Seger

26-Jun 3  Texas Classic Quarterhorse Circuit                    Doug Landreth & Trina McCarroll
              (Fort Worth, TX)


1-3         Lamplight Dressage                                         Mary Phelps
             (Wayne, IL)

1-3        Eastern YH Selections                                     John Seger, Lisa Seger,
             (Raleigh, NC)                                                  Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

6-11       Redbud Spectacular                                        Trina McCarroll
             (Oklahoma City, OK)

8-10        High Prairie I, II, & III                                        John Seger
              (Parker, CO)

14-17      Festival of Champions-USEF Intermediarie I       John Seger & Mary Phelps
              Champs. & Pan American Games Selection Trials, USEF Grand Prix Champs.

15-17      Pan Am Games Selection Trials                        Lisa Seger & Brandon Seger
              (USET Foundation Facility-Gladstone, NJ)

16-17      Morgan Ranch Quarter Show                             Trina McCarroll
              (Ardmore, OK)

20-24      Far West Regional Morgan Show                       Bill Carrington
              (Redmond, OR)

23-Jul 2   APHA Youth World Show                                 Debbie Kail
              (Fort Worth, TX)

24-Jul 7   APHA World Show                                           Doug Landreth, Diane Paris,
              (Fort Worth, TX)                                                Mary Ann Kean, Pat Mullins


10-15      Tattersalls Saddle Horse Sale &                         Bill Carrington
              Lexington Junior League Horse Show
              (Lexington, KY)

11-15      AQHA Region 6 Experience                               Doug Landreth
              (Springfield, MA)

12-14      CDI-Woodside Dressage I                                  John Seger
              (Woodside, CA)

14-15      LA Chapter                                                       John Seger       

14-15      Dressage in Alaska                                           Mary Phelps
              (William Clark Chamberlin Equestrian Ctr-Anchorage,AK)

14-29      Pan American Games                                       Mary Phelps
              (Dressage,Eventing, Show Jumping)

18-22      AQHA Region 3 Experience                               Doug Landreth
               (St. Paul, MN)

19-22      AQHA Region 4 Experience                               Doug Landreth & Debbie Kail
               (Columbus, OH)

21-22      Silverwood Dressage                                         Mary Phelps
              (Camp Lake, Wisconsin)

23-29       New England Regional Morgan Show                 Bill Carrington
               (Northampton, MA)

25-28       AQHA Region 1 Experience                              Deb Witty
               (Nampa, ID)

27-29       Lamplight Summer Dressage                            Mary Phelps

26-29       AQHA Region 5 Experience                              TBD
               (Lexington, VA)


3-5           Dressage In The Rockies I, II & III                      John Seger
               (Parker, CO)

2-12         AQHA Youth World Show                                 Doug Landreth, Debbie Kail,
               (Fort Worth, TX)                                                Trina McCarroll

7-12         North American Young Riders' Championships   Mary Phelps
               (Lexington, VA)

8-12         Illinois State Fair Horse Show                            Bill Carrington
               (Springfield, IL)

15-19       USEF Pony Finals                                            Mary Phelps
               (Lexington, KY)

16-19       Illinois State Fair Horse Show                            Bill Carrington
               (Springfield, IL)

16-19       AQHA Region 9 Experience                              TBD
               (Jackson, MS)

17-20       Reichart Celebration                                         Trina McCarroll
               (Tulsa, OK)

20-26       World Championship Saddle Horse Show           Bill Carrington
               (Louisville, KY)

23-26       Cornerstone Cool August Nights/Breed Show      John Seger, Lisa Seger &
               & Markel Amateur Champ. Award Presentation   Brandon Seger
               (Los Angeles, CA)

26-Sep 2  Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration   Bill Carrington
               (Shelbyville, TN)

29-Sep 3  AQHA Bayer Select World Show                        Doug Landreth & Debbie Kail
               (Amarillo, TX)


TBD          VA Quarter Horse Congress                               TBD
                (Lexington, VA)

10-12        Young Horse National Championship                   John Seger, Lisa Seger,
                (Kentucky Horse Park-Lexington,KY)                  Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

19-23        Arabian Sport Horse Nationals                            Harold Straus & Mary Ann Kean
                (Lexington, VA)

20-21        Silverwood Dressage                                          Mary Phelps
                (Camp Lake, Wisconsin)

21-23        Woodside Dressage II                                        John Seger
                (Woodside, CA)

22-23        Morgan Ranch Quarter Show                             Trina McCarroll
                (Ardmore, OK)

25-30        Dressage at Devon                                            John Seger, Lisa Seger, 
                (Devon, PA)                                                      Brandon Seger & Mary Phelps

27-30        AQHA Region 2 Experience                               TBD
                (Rapid City, SD)

28-30        Lamplight Dressage-Region 2 Dressage Champ.  Mary Phelps
                (Wayne, IL)


2-22         Ohio Quarter Horse Congress                             Doug Landreth, Trina McCarroll
               (Columbus, OH)

5-9          APHA Convention                                               Pat Mullins

6-7          USET Talen Search East                                     Mary Phelps
               (Gladstone, NJ)

7-8          Oklahoma Open/Novice Fall Show                       Trina McCarroll
              (Chickasha, OK)

7-14         Morgan Grand National                                       Bill Carrington
               (Oklahoma City, OK)

18-21       AQHA Region 7 Experience                                 Debbie & Ryan Kail
               (Hurricane, UT)

20-29       US National Arabian & Half Arabian Show             Harold Straus, Mary Ann Kean
               (Albuquerque, NM)

22-Nov 3   Appaloosa World Show & Sale                            Doug Landreth
               (Fort Worth, TX)

26-28        Tattersalls Saddle Horse Sale                             Bill Carrington
                (Lexington, KY)

TBD          Lamplight Dressage Championships Show           Mary Phelps
                (Wayne, IL)


4-17         AQHA World Show & Sale                                  Doug Landreth, Debbie Kail, 
               (Oklahoma City, OK)                                          Mary Ann Kean, Trina McCarroll

TBD         NARHA Convention                                            Pat Mullins, Debi DeTurk Peloso

26-Dec 17 NRHA Futurity & Sale                                        Mary Ann Kean, Doug Landreth
               (Fort Worth, TX)                                                  Pat Mullins, Frank & Susan


4-9        Paint Vegas                                                          Doug Landreth

24-Jan 4 Tulsa Holiday Circuit                                             Trina McCarroll
              (Tulsa, OK)


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